Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

About Me

Hello! My name is Lauran Bielstein. I am very bubbly and outgoing. I love to dance and cheer! I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and I am still dancing.I have taken class from the best of the best choregraphers such as Mia Michels and Shane Sparks. I started to cheer in middle school and I am now cheering for my High School. I am the type of hero who is driven by love. My friends and family help me stand tall and help me go for what I believe in. God also helps me through the tough times that I have. Since i was a baby I was taught that anything can happen through Christ.

The Quest

Everyone is on a journey to find something in their lives. One step at a time I am on the search for knowledge. I am only in high school and still haven't learned everything in life yet. When I am ready to seek the world I want to have all the knowledge I need to be ready to take a step out into the real world.


In life everybody has a mentor to help guide them through life. My two mentors would be Christ ans my parents. Christ has had a huge impact on my life. Christ has helped me stay on track and pointing north. If something isn't going right or I am have a huge dilemma I stop and talk to my mentor. Anytime any place I always ask for Gods help. Nevertheless my parents also help me as well. I am very gracious to have parents like mine. They help me to follow my dreams and always stay positive. I love my parents very much and I know I can ask them anything.

Threshold Guardian

My Threshold Guardian is my dance teacher Emily Carlise. She has tought me dance since I was 7 years old and we have been close ever since. Emily is my role model. The way she looks, the way she dresses, and the way she is, is just amazing. I always ask her for help when I am in trouble or don't know what to do. She has inspired me to be who I am and to live my life wonderfully. I remeber when all my dance mates went over to her house to spend the night, she had 2 dogs that I was deathly afraid of and I wouldn't get off her counters for nothing. She would have to carry me every where and if one of her dogs even took one step I would jump like was a professional polevaulter. I still keep touch with her and I love her so much!


I wouldn't say that my life has gone exactly how I wanted it to be but I haven't had a tragic thing happen to me. So I guess that my shadow would be my regrets that I have had. Having regrets is something that I hate having. People always told me to never have any regrets but I never understood it. I always thought that regret was something that you didn't want to happen to you. But obviously that's not right.When I discovered regret was when I was 11. It felt weird,terrible, and unusual. I thought to myself that that had to be something new to me. I never want to look back and see what I had done wrong in my past and that is exactly what a shadow is. One day i want to walk away and not have my shadow follow me around.


Tori Gillham I would say is my trickster. When I am in a bad mood or down she knows what to say to make me feel better.When we are together we always have a time of our lives. I have known Tori my whole life. I met her at my dance studio in room A in when I was 3. When she came in I hated her guts I didnt even wanted to look at her. But after a day I started to talk to her and our friendship just clicked. I would not be who I am with out her their by me.